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Our stock and store moved to 1830 N. Milwaukee Ave.

But our Facebook is in the same place. <3

Beautiful articles were written at chicagoist and The Chicago Tribune during our fundrasing campaign. We thank everyone for supporting the store. Come see us in the new space soon!

Certainly, the new physical space is an improvement, and we are busy refining it, though we are primarily interested in opening new mental spaces through movies. As always, we strive to help you find the right ones.

Mavericks of the Day
Mon Nov 19 2018

We're breaking our backs bringing out directors from the wall of the mavericks.

Yuen, Cheung-Yan

  • Drunken Wu-Tang, 1984
  • Wu Tang Drunkard (aka Drunken Arts Crippled Fist), 1983

Zhang-Ke, Jia

  • Dong, 2006
  • Platform, 2000
  • Still Life, 2006
  • Unknown Pleasures, 2002
  • World, The, 2005

Chandor, J.C.

  • A Most Violent Year, 2014
  • All Is Lost, 2013

Sharp, Don

  • Brides of Fu Manchu (PAL R2), 1966
  • Curse of the Fly, The / Fly Collection, The - 2 Discs, 1965
  • Face of Fu Manchu (PAL R2), 1965
  • Psychomania, 1973
  • Witchcraft, 1964

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Most of our inventory of tee-shirts and coffe mugs is sold out. What we have left is only for sale in the store.

The On/Off Apparel site is not accepting orders for the time being. We've left it as it is for archival purposes. Please do keep an eye out for new items from On/Off Apparel, however.